Exploring Beautiful Sno Valley: A Quest for Adventure

Exploring Beautiful Sno Valley: A Quest for Adventure

We are true enthusiasts who love to embark on a quest for beautiful locations for photography. This time, we set off to the Sno Valley, to the village of Juta.

Sno Calley adventure Sno valley adventure

We booked our accommodation through Booking.com, and you can see it in the third photo.

Sno_1 Sno Valley

On our way to the house, we spotted a white horse and realized we should put on kimonos and hurry to approach it.

Sno Valley 2 Sno Valley adventure

The next day, we embarked on a trekking route, carrying our kimonos in a backpack weighing 7 kilograms. We were willing to go to great lengths for stunning photographs.

Sno Valley 6  Sno Valley 7

The route turned out to be relatively easy. Most of the time, we walked alongside mountains without significant changes in altitude. To our right, there was a mountain stream, and to the left, a hill.

Sno Valley Sno Valley mountain hill 

As we approached the lake, the ascent became more pronounced. We were captivated by the beauty of the surroundings, and the crystal-clear water of the lake tempted us to take a swim. However, none of us dared to do so; instead, we savored the atmosphere and captured moments through our cameras .

Sno Valley  

On our way back, we enjoyed the view of the Caucasus Mountain Range.

Caucasian mountains Caucasian mountains

We searched for words, hardly believing that all of this was real.
Coordinates of the lake: 42.5555422, 44.7662723

Sno Valley adventure Sno Valley adventure

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